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Companies Philosophy

We earn the profits required for successful further development and for the future security of the group of companies.
To this end we design and maintain workplaces and earn interest on the capital invested.
We establish value-based strategies and implement corresponding measures.

Our corporate activities are based upon the following fundamental values:
í˝ Innovation. We think and act with continuous improvement and renewal in mind in all company sectors. We are open to new approaches and embrace change. We thereby create further benefits for both ourselves and our customers across the world.
í˝ Accountability. Each of us contributes proactively to the success of the group of companies. We are committed to productivity, value and achievement of the group goals, and we stand by our activities.
í˝ Reliability. We respect the values of others, and are self-critical, trustworthy and reliable. We respect other cultures and their prevailing rights and standards, and expect our partners to do the same. We establish rules for ourselves and abide by them.
The following guiding principles result from our aims and values, and are the standard for our daily work and the successful shaping of our future. The values are fundamentally unshakeable. We adapt the resulting principles according to changing conditions.
The following obligations are therefore valid for all persons active in the company:

Within the given framework of tasks and values we enrich the group of companies with our various abilities.
We involve ourselves actively and responsibly in processes of change.
Essential qualities that we require of ourselves are goal-orientation, loyalty, reliability, risk-awareness, flexibility and mobility.
We undertake personal development activities and take part in ongoing vocational training to ensure we are prepared for future challenges.
In order to contribute in a sustained way to the success of the group of companies, we see our own personal and professional development as a continuing process, to achieve the best possible performances and results.

We expect and promote achievement, because goal and value-oriented employees are decisive for company success. With the aim of personal improvement we continuously analyse our leadership activities according to the company values.
We agree upon targets in accordance with these same values, adjusted with regard to prevailing conditions.
We set an example with situation-specific and appreciative leadership behaviour. We aim to give comprehensive, timely, recipient-oriented information and welcome feedback.
Regardless of their age, we give our employees suitable opportunities for development and support them with appropriate measures. We encourage teamwork where this promises to be more successful than individual performance.
We operate a performance-related pay structure and develop forward-looking organisational structures and working methods.

Working relationships
We all value each otherí« s contribution and personal and cultural diversity. We support each other across the complete range of functions and tasks.
We relay information in a timely and comprehensive manner. We perceive both appreciation and criticism as an opportunity for development. We build our relationships in a proper and responsible manner.

Products and services
By offering innovative solutions we provide the best possible help for our customers, users and business partners to succeed in their competitive environment.
Therefore we fulfil the agreed service in the right quantity, at the right time, in the right place, of the right quality and to the agreed price.
In order to achieve this we call upon the relevant persons both internally and externally at an early stage, ensuring that they are actively involved.
We measure the quality, performance and user-friendliness of our products and services against the latest standards.
We operate an active international trademark policy.

Relations with business partners
We operate reliably and consistently, working with our customers, users and business partners in a trustworthy manner, and involving them in our planning and actions in the interests of continued improvement and renewal.
In this way we win over customers, users and business partners and create common benefits.

Our social responsibility
We are aware of our social responsibility.
As a corporate group we believe in the fundamental principles of democracy and the free market.
Company representatives should participate, where possible, in suitable committees, corporations and associations.
We maintain public and media relations.
We respect the rights and protected intellectual property of third parties and expect the same in return.
We pursue active management policies to protect the environment for our benefit and that of future generations.
We invest in vocational and professional training and support external educational facilities.

The future
Our objective is sustained, profitable growth.
Through a continuous process of improvement and innovation in all areas of the group of companies we help to actively shape the markets in which we operate, to the benefit of the groupí« s competitive position and success.
We support fundamental research carried out by public and private bodies where this reflects our corporate goals and values.
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